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Fusion Studio- Slide 4.X OS   


Home Screen Slide (Slowed Down)

Home Screen Slide Animation (Slowed By 50%)

"I have to say this is one of the very best themes I've seen to date. I've been around the online BlackBerry scene for years and I've never really been captivated enough to purchase a theme until this one. Great job and I look forward to future releases from you!"

Fusion Studio Slide Theme Customer                       


5.0 Includes These Additional Features:

Insipred by the recent update to Theme Studio, "Slide" is the ideal Today Plus Theme!  Double Side Docks Slide out from the perimeter when you scroll up from the Today Area.  The Today Area has two fixed applications, Messages and Calendar.  A preview rollover for the Today Area is also included.  Please note, wallpaper changes effect only the Home Screen.  The Applications Screen image cannot be changed.






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