Theme Requests

Please email all theme requests to the address listed below.  All requests will be considered on the following basis:

  • Does the theme have a broad appeal?

  • Does the request include any copy righted materials?

  • Is the theme idea useable on a Blackberry?  Many theme ideas sound good but the screen images and or menus make the theme hard to use

  • Does the request include stock (Precision or Dimensions) icons?

  • If the theme includes custom icons what type (i.e. Mac like, vista like or other)

Custom Designed Themes:

Custom theme design services are available on a case by case basis.  To developed a complete custom theme literally can take days.  After a compete review of the custom request a quote will be generated.  If the quote is agreed upon 50 percent of the quote amount will be payable before work on the theme will begin.  Please allow up to two weeks for custom theme completion.

Art work and background images:  All images supplied to ACD (Ahead of the Curve Designs) by the customer are considered to be public or free of copyright protection,  The customer assumes the responsibility of copy righted material protection.

All Fully Custom Themes will be considered sole property of Ahead of the Curve Designs and the contracted customer.  The original Theme Design files will remain the property of ACD.  Any custom my also be distributed by ACD at our desecration unless specifically stated the contract.

Corporate/Business Contracts-Corporate Theme Design Services are available. ACD will contract for these services either by a blanket design fee or by a seat or user basis.  As an example, ABC Company decides to contract for a custom theme.  They will distribute this theme to XXX number of users.  The contact for the design services would be based on number of end users or a block if design time, whichever is less.

Sample Theme Request all requests should include the following:

Theme Idea

Theme Format-ZEN-Today-Custom (Home Screen Icons can be anywhere on Home Screen)

Home Screen Image

Applications Screen Image

Lock Screen Image

Calling Screen Images

Font Preverences

Menu/Messages Preferences

Any other information


Please send theme requests to,