FAQ s and Answers!

Quick FAQ's

How Do I Install a Theme I Purchased:

Upon completing your transaction you will receive an e-mail with a link where you can download/install the theme. It is very important that you click on the link using your BlackBerry only, as this is an OTA (over-the-air) installation.  Once the link is clicked, download will begin automatically and your theme will be installed within seconds. Once the installation is completed, pull your battery so the installation takes an effect. Once your phone is up again, simply go to your Options - Themes and select it from there. It is not possible to install themes using BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

I Installed the Theme but it does not show under Themes:

This is a common problem and it happens for the following reason(s):
You didn't pull the battery after installation is complete
You have downloaded theme for a wrong BlackBerry OS
You have downloaded theme for a wrong BlackBerry devices
You have removed one or more of default themes from your BlackBerry

I have ordered a Theme(s) and I have not received an order confirmation or Download Link:

If you haven't received any e-mails from us (either Mobihand or Themes4BB) within few hours after your transaction, please contact either support@Mobihand.com or store@Themes4bb.com  (dependinng on your order) immediately with your Order number, BlackBerry Model, and Exact Theme name, (if possible forward the order confirmation to the appopriate email address).  If either of these contacts do not resolve your issue please contact Support@aheadofthecurvethemes.com

I purchased a new Blackberry, can I get a replacement theme?

We will supply a new link for the SAME MODEL ONLY for a period of 90 days from your original purchase.  Please email the original oder confirmation, theme name, model, and OS.  Please allow 48 hours to receive your replacement theme.

I ordered a theme but now I want a different one.

No swapping is possible. Once you select your theme and completed transaction, you cannot request a different theme. Theme pictures and in some cases You Tube Videos are provided to help you choose your theme before you order.

My Blackberry was lost or stolen, crashed or is otherwise unavailable.  If I get a new one can I have a replacement theme?  

See above, we cannot stress the importance of on going device backups.

How do I delete a Theme?

Go to options, advanced, applications and scroll to the area show your themes (com_plazmic_theme_XXX.cod were XXX is the theme name).  Press you blackberry or options key choose delete.

Beta OS Versions and New Devices:

While all of our themes are tested on live devices and not just simulators we cannot guaraantee that themes will function properly on a Beta OS.  When a theme is tested and working on a Beta OS properly it will be noted in the theme description and or requirements (look for tested and working on 5.0.238 as an expample).

New (Just Released) Devices-New devices are known at times to have buggy or not tested OS versions.  Hence, when a new device is released by a wireless carrier it is often followed by an OS upgrade (Tour and Storm owners take note).  Most themes work as expected but in some cases with some devices and some Carriers (Different OS Builds for each Carrier) there may be some issues.  Please report these as soon as they are uncounted.  Email us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  Blogging and posting on various web sites will do nothing to fix the problem!  It is unfair to judge a theme on this as it may work very well on another Carrier's Blackberry even though the Model is the same.

I want a refund:

Please e-mail us with your Order number and the reason for a refund.
Note that Refund is available only if there is a working issue with a theme and theme does not function as advertised.

Refund will not be issued for any of the following reasons:

1) I download the theme but I realized I don't like it.
2) I am running BlackBerry with OS lower then OS4.5, OS in Beta release, and/or OS issued after original development of theme.
3) I don't have the Internet/data plan.  

I am on a Blacberry Enterprise Server, can I order a theme?

The short answer is it depends on your security settings setup by your BES Administrator.  Contact your company before ordering.  Refunds WILL NOT BE ISSUED for this reason.

I can't find an answer to my question on the FAQ page.

Please contact us via eamil, support@aheadofthecurvethemes.com.